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Establishing a group of experts

How our food systems can be changed must be considered systemically. The project uses appropriate political forums and initiatives at an  international level and the expert group will make an important contribution to this process.

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Need for Transformation Study

The study analyzes and presents current food systems and trends, keeping its focus on consumers and political processes.

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Selection of environmental impacts

Environmental impacts are analyzed, based on discussions with LCA experts and NGOs. The most relevant impacts are then selected for each country (Germany, Paraguay, South Africa and Thailand).


Ways of communicating environmental impacts

Based on literature research and the analysis of different tools used to communicate environmental impacts in the four countries, an overview of existing communication options and tools is provided.


Case studies

Case studies will be conducted in Germany, Paraguay, South Africa and Thailand, each analyzing an animal and a plant-based product. These will be evaluated and summarized to serve as the foundation for a database prototype.  


Tools to promote sustainable diets

Political recommendations on sustainable diets specific to countries and regions will be developed  for politicians to develop more sustainable diet strategies for the population.


Prototype for measuring environmental impacts

Based on our case studies in Germany, Paraguay, South Africa and Thailand, we can create a prototype database with life cycle assessment data for food.


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