April 11, 2023

TMG publishes report series FORESEE (4C)

The FORESEE (4C) series on The Transformation of Agri-Food Systems in Times of Multiple Crises, explores the current agri-food system in light of challenges linked to the four crises known as the 4 Cs (Climate, Covid-19, Conflict, and Cost of externalities) and offers recommendations on how to advance transformation efforts.  

Report 1, Current Conditions and Policy Frameworks of Agri-Food Systems Transformation, analyses the 4Cs and how they interact with the dynamics of the current agri-food systems. The report provides a general review of the international policy landscape in which the agri-food system transformation must find its place. Its main focus is on the three Rio Conventions and possible synergies between the fulfilment of the Rio mandate and a transformation of agri-food systems. 

Report 2, State of the Debate on Agri-Food Systems Transformation, reviews the state of the debate around agri-food systems transformation from the perspective of different organizations that represent a wide range of actors and stakeholders. The report provides an overview of the different proposed approaches to achieving the goals of agri-food system transformation aligned to the thematic areas of People, Planet, and Prosperity proposed at the United Nations Food Systems Summit in 2021. 

Report 3, Blind Spots in the Agri-Food System Transformation Debate and Recommendations on How to Address These, analyses the blind spots in the debate around agri-food systems transformation and describes how these hinder the transformation. Furthermore, this report offers recommendations on how to address these gaps to facilitate an agri-food system transformation aligned to the leading themes of People, Planet, and Prosperity. 

Two additional reports will be published by the end of 2024.

Read the reports:

Summary report

Report 1: Current conditions & Policy Frameworks

Report 2: State of the Debate

Report 3: Blind Spots in the Debate