December 05, 2023

TMG and WWF UNFCCC COP28 Side-Events on governance for sustainable food systems

At COP28 two side events by TMG Research  and WWF  discussed how to get from declarations to implementation of effective food systems transformation.

In his two keynotes, Alexander Müller, Managing Director of TMG Research, stressed the importance of a multilevel-governance framework for food systems transformation. He called for a shift from declarations to concrete actions and presented the “Agri-Food Systems Transformation Protocol” – a concise decision support tool for developing transformation pathways. The protocol was developed by TMG Research together with a group of scientists and published in their latest report.

During the first panel discussion on Tuesday, 5th December in the IICA Pavilion, the speakers emphasized the need to translate global goals into local actions. The panel underscored the urgency of translating commitments into tangible actions and the importance of collaboration and community involvement in achieving sustainable food systems.

The speakers included:

The second panel took place on Sunday, 10th December in the WWF Pavilion. The discussions highlighted the complexities of governance and explored avenues to construct inclusive and sustainable food systems, considering power imbalances and strategies to overcome them.

The speakers included:

  • Rafael Arantes from the Extraordinary Secretariat for Combating Poverty and Hunger of Brazil
  • Nicole Pita, Project Manager, IPES-Food
  • Wei Zhang, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
  • Manuel Jaramillo, Director General of Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina

Both events were moderated by Martina Fleckenstein, Global Policy Director Food Practice at WWF International.

Webstreams: IICA LIVE DAY 4 PANEL 1 (

Empowering agents of transformation: Paths towards inclusive governance for sustainable food systems (

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