May 22, 2023

TMG publishes open letter to heads of the three Rio Conventions

Customer with shopping cart in supermarket

In 2022, all Conference of the Parties (COP) sessions to the three Rio Conventions held a dedicated “Food Day.” This drew greater attention to the interlinkages and interdependencies of climate, land, biodiversity, and food systems transformation.

TMG Research gGmbH – a not-for-profit research organization of the Berlin-based TMG Thinktank for Sustainability – works with diverse partners at local, national and global levels to explore systemic entry points and pathways for strengthening food systems governance.
Having actively participated at all three Food Days, the organisations main takeaway is that Food Days can be the starting point for a strategic and impactful involvement of the Rio Conventions in transforming food systems. A stronger role for the Rio Conventions will strengthen their respective roles as stewards of climate, land and biodiversity in all efforts to transform food systems. The experts specifically propose that – within their respective, and internationally agreed, mandates – the Rio Conventions should:

  • Jointly monitor and assess the progress made in food systems transformation regarding
    climate, land, and biodiversity.
  • Present, in an annual report, the status of negative and positive externalities of food systems
    and their impact on climate, land, and biodiversity.
  • Make proposals on how food system transformation pathways can

Read the open letter to the Heads of the three Rio Conventions