The WWF promotes sustainable agriculture

Industrial agriculture has a wide range of negative impacts on our environment and puts the stability of our livelihoods at risk.

Sustainable consumption

WWF’s mission is to reveal the impact of our food consumption and the opportunities that lie ahead in the future.

The true cost of our food

Chicken cutlets cost 99 cents in a supermarket, but the price doesn’t reveal the whole truth. How can we make the true cost visible?

Planetary Culinary

The ‘Better-Eater’ project shows what the future of our nutrition could look like: a culinary compass for a healthy planet.

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Our areas of responsibility

WWF is in the lead for the project and is responsible for the overall content and administration.


WWF Germany coordinates the project between the funding agency (BMUV/ZUG), the partners TMG and corsus and the WWF offices in the countries.

Sustainability impact

Sustainability impacts relevant for consumers and companies are identified and policy recommendations for the promotion of sustainable consumption are formulated.

Communication tool

Suitable, target group-oriented tools for communicating impacts of food are analyzed and a communication prototype will be developed.

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Maja-Catrin Riecher Project Coordination Send email
+49 30 311 777 247
Elisa Kollenda Policy Advisor Sustainable Diets Send email
+49 30 311777-474


Do you have any questions or suggestions of your own? Then be our guest. Share your ideas with us to help this project reach its goal. Let’s get to know each other.