TMG researches equitable transformation pathways for a sustainable future of food systems

The project team explores the meaning of the much-used phrase “food systems transformation” by applying a systematic approach to find transformative solutions at all scales. By analysing some of the challenges as well as drivers of transformation, we aim to bridge existing knowledge gaps around the concept of food system transformation.

What we do

Despite increasing international attention and calls for food systems transformation, it remains unclear what transformation means in the different contexts, how it can be achieved and how seeming trade-offs between policies or various sustainability goals can be overcome. TMG aims to address these knowledge gaps by undertaking new research activities.

Expert workshops

TMG, in collaboration with an extended group of experts, will convene a series of workshops to discuss and develop a systemic understanding of food systems transformation.

Strategic reports

Consultation with experts and regional thought leaders will result in three strategic reports portraying the state of the debate, key actors and drivers, and strategies for concrete political and structural pathways to transformation.

High-level consultations

Research findings on food system transformation will be presented at international events. The goal is that decision makers from the political, civil society and business spheres will use the expert group’s analysis to shape blueprints for concrete food system transformation pathways.

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